Spreading 2016 Holiday Cheer to Atlanta Strip Clubs

After visiting several strip clubs over the holidays to spread  holiday cheer by bringing fee stockings stuffed with cookies, body sprays, make up and more; it is clear that some of these places are managed by God hearted people who regard the dancers as real people.  The organization I went with had clout in some places and was granted immediate access.  We didn’t stay long just dropped off the gifts to the ladies and gave the security guards, managers and deejays treats as well. I went along to promote Scriptures for Strippers, the first and only devotional for exotic dancers. 

It was quite disturbing though to encounter a club manager who wouldn’t allow us to come in. As a retired dancer, it upset me to know that these people collect money from these women everyday but wouldn’t allow them to get something that number 1: wouldn’t cost them anything or number 2:would make the ladies feel good (or cared about) during the holiday season. Many were afraid we would attempt to “preach” to the girls. This made me think of how afraid the devil is of the power of God’s Word. I remember how hard it was for me to stop dancing. There were ladies that came to visit the clubs when I worked there and no matter what they said, I wasn’t going to stop just because they said so. But as I can recall, the ladies never said anything like that to me. They just gave gifts and left… Just like we did. 

The fact that these club managers wanted to keep us away made me sad and angry because the devil’s grip is already suffocating in the dungeon like the strip club no matter how beautiful it glamorous the place looks. 

The irony is that the more glamorous a place is, the less likely we would be able to enter. 

 It is important to note that the leader of the outreach is also a former exotic dancer and knows some of the club owners. I saw some old co-workers, housemoms, deejays, and managers during this outreach where we went to 9 different strip clubs and even some massage parlors in Metro Atlanta.

I am more convinced than ever that Scriptures for Strippers is a necessity for these women.  Not because they need to stop and change their life. Not because God hates them for dancing. Not because they are living a life of sin. 

Scriptures for Strippers is important because there are women who use the strip club as a stepping stone to other things but get stuck because there are forces in the club which are designed to keep the women downtrodden, desperate, depressed and dependent ONLY on the strip club as their ONLY source is income and the ONLY way to earn a living…forever!  

Scriptures for Strippers will entertain,  encourage, uplift and help a dancer with strategies on how to survive each night with peace is mind. This journal will also help fight spiritual battle with The Word of God. After establishing, (or for some reconnecting) with God, she will be able to get the encouragement and tools she needs to meet her ultimate goals as she uses the club to get to where she is ultimately going. 

There are two different covers to the book. The one above is the bookstore or “worldly”cover and the one below is the “churchy”version. Both are available on Amazon.com. 

For more info on Scriptures for Strippers, please visit the website,  www.ScripturesForStrippers.com, subscribe and like on YouTube, follow on Instagram and Twitter @SayuriSmith. 


About Scriptures For Strippers

This blog is for women all over the world who work in the adult entertainment field. I am a retired exotic dancer for Atlanta, GA and I understand how hard it is to cope with the internal plights a…

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Video Game-Themed Homeschool Math and Science Lessons for Summer Fun

This summer my kids and I are exploring his favorite game, Minecraft. This game can be played on a tablet, PlayStation, XBox, or PC. The purpose is for Minecrafters to build their world with different blocks made from elements containing metal, wood, rocks and jewels which turns out to be an awesome spring board for introducing different science and math concepts. Minecrafters build their world with different blocks made from elements containing metal, wood, rocks and jewels. It reminded me of playing with Legos but on a video game.

Last week, we explored the different rocks and ores featured in the game. He made a list and we looked up each one to see if it really exists on planet Earth. After we discovered which were included, we determined whether they were igneous, sedimentary or  metaphoric rocks (after defining each of the three rock categories). Another day, we went “mining” at a local park for rocks to bring home and identify. We looked up each rock on the planet Earth list to determine their score on the Mohs scale, which measures hardness.He discovered the diamond’s score was the highest as the hardest substance on Earth.

The math concepts I gathered from the creative mode was geometry and multiplication. When starting a building, the length and width of the structure uses multiplication and the different shapes that can be built with the blocks is a fun way to practice creating parallelograms. 

As a homeschooling mom, these activities were entertaining, easy to understand and  a fun, cool way to play video games with your kids and turn it into a real-life learning experience. My son did realize he was learning but he was interested in my lesson because of his exposure and love for the Minecraft game. I had fun learning how to build, mine and farm. Next time, I hope to learn to use the crafting table. This is where different tools and supplies are made.

I created a worksheet for myself for these activities. I wouldn’t mind sharing. Send a message if you are interested.  

Happy Homeschooling! 

Are Women Helping or Hindering Adult Sons?

When women become too involved in their adult son’s life, it can handicap them. Single mothers sometimes suffer from inferiority complexes, guilt and shame of being the only parent which will result in them allowing bad behavior, poor life choices and enabling weaknesses.

Boys (and girls) will eventually become adults one day but sometimes that can only occur in the absence of crippling and protective parents. When your son experiences disappointments in life, spoon feeding him and lessening his load may the most natural thing to do but it may not be the best thing to do. Coddling and comforting has its limits and can sometimes hinder and hurt when an important lesson can be learned in its absence.

When your son hurt others, break the law or participate in any illicit activity, they should expect consequences from those closest to them so the lesson is taught in love. If not, your son can run the risk of being taught that same lesson with a good old-fashion butt whipping in the streets, the police or even a bullet. Lessons in life will continue to present themselves until they are learned so the next time the situation can be avoided. Saving your son from himself will tire and stress you and when parenting should become easier and have benefits as the child grows.

I can not remember where I saw this quote but it changed my life and outlook on motherhood forever:

“A good mother prepares her children to live without her; not depend on her.”

So the next time you son calls to borrow money for a need (when all his wants are met) or wants to borrow the car (but his license are still suspended) think about whether or not your response is hindering or helping him the long run.



Audiobook Review: A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown


After listening to her harrowing story, I am filled with determination and enlightening self awareness.

When he discovers her mom’s body after she suffers an epileptic seizure, her world is turned upside down. She doesn’t get along with her only sibling, but worst of all, she is abandoned all over again when her father gives her away along with her brother.
She suffers through the abuse and neglect of Foster families, starts using drugs and alcohol at the age of 11, the same age she began a life of prostitution. Later she becomes a gang banger and eventually a full- fledged crack addict.

Her miraculous and meticulous journey to recovery inspires and restore my hope in the love God puts into the hearts of His people. When people allow God to use them, everyone wins.

Cupcake Brown’s memoir is a testament to how God can deliver anyone who calls on Him for help. Her story illustrates His grace and mercy as she climbs out of a life of darkness and drug use into the path of marvelous and promising light.


The Music Makes Fashion Spring Event 2014




On April 5, 2014, there was an event featuring up-and-coming models, fashion designers and music artists called Music Makes Fashion, Spring Event.

The GME Bar located in Atlanta, GA near the campuses of Clark Atlanta, Spelman and Morehouse. The fashion was flirty and fun, worn by fabulous and fresh-faced models.

The artists who performed were energetic and brought another level of entertainment to the production. These groups included Rahn B and Polo featuring their new song, “Whole Thang.”





The vendors varied from cell phone accessories to clever t-shirts. Check out http://www.inerdclothing.com for intelligent shirts. Special thanks to Keenan for supporting Scriptures for Strippers, the first and only devotional to dancers.

The 2nd Annual Ultimate Girl Festival Atlanta 2014

Hosted by DeShai Cole, author of “30 Ways to Please Your Man” and host of the Deshai Cole Show, The Ultimate Girl Festival was informative, inspiring. It took place in the elegant Marriott Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

The panel discussions “So You Want to Be a Boss” and “What Do Men Really Think?” were driven by questions from the audience from the very beginning which made everything said by the panelists relevant and informative.

Panel guests featured an all female cast of business owners and hustlers including Shekinah Jo, Gocha, Brittni Mealy, Shaunell Robinson and Kandace Marie.

The questions centered around how to deal with others’ opinion of their choice to go into business. The most resounding advice given from the panel was to keep a strong faith in God and allow Him to lead.

Shekinah Jo reminded the audience to not worry about hater because God would make them your footstool.

The other questions inquired about how to deal with networking, finding your niche and how to finance your own business. These successful women didn’t hold back on advice from any of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

The vendors sold gorgeous and useful items from custom lingerie and make up to body shapers and jewelry.

Don’t miss next year’s Girl Festival!