Attention New Music “Artists” and Strip Club DJs

If I were a DJ, I would be like a gate keeper. Keeping crap out of the ears I am responsible for. I would allow my talent to do the art of dee-jaying while informing artist about what the public needs as opposed to what they want. When artist respond to the need of the people, they cast out their net further than top 40 for 6 weeks and a tweets about how he went to so-and-so strip club and threw $20K. Don’t get me wrong, we love it when you throw money on us, especially if you can also keep your hands to yourself. I would let the guys know spending all your cash on liquor and attempting to barter drugs and liquor for dances is a backward approach to enjoying themselves in a strip club. Spend cash on dancers, share your expensive beverages (hold the Molly, please) and have a great time.

I would let the guys know they should not have an attitude of already being famous and aggressive (toward other rappers and toward the dancers) in order to prepare for a performance at the strip club.  Use your voice to say something to create a positive change in our community. I challenge all “artists” to stretch their minds past the dumbest thing they can think of to say to millions who are listening because it is a direct reflection of themselves, family and upbringing. Why are we not allowing positive lyrics to flow into our ears and inspire us to rise from the low places in life we know our people come from? Is there nothing more to life than to ride through your ‘hood in a Bently and make everyone feel less than or inferior? We will never all come up because the “artists”want to exalt themselves over their fans and alienate them to become more “powerful”.

Which leads me to my next point, how powerful are you if you don’t stand up to the one who requires you, the “artist”, to speak negatively about everything positive and positive about everything negative? Why does your love for the art make you fight the powers that be to preserve the integrity of YOUR legacy, passion and creation? Why are all the songs about naked, loose women, expensive cars and throwing money away as fast as they get their hands on it? Do they not see how stupid, backwards, retarded and inferior that makes them look?! Clearly not. I am disgusted and disappointed at all the strides we, as a people, have taken to go backward and counter all the good and noble causes we fought and died to win.

If I were a strip club DJ, I would make sure patrons know how to treat the females who work there. Any “artist” who disrespected dancers would be ejected from[performing on] the stage. Any aspiring dancer would be encouraged to ask Sayuri. She would direct them to her tell-all instructional manual, Atlanta Adult Entertainment 101. Getting into Adult Entertainment is NOT recommended if done past the year 2003, when money flowed and certain amount of respect came with the job. But if you must, I would suggest you get Scriptures for Strippers as well.

Good luck! God bless.


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