Obama: The Moses of America

The fact that Hollywood has been prompted to create a movie (or two) about Abe Lincoln is very curious to me. Why now do we need to focus on a past President whose tenure was so long ago, there isn’t anyone alive to substantiate what his presidency was like from a regular citizen’s perspective? Why did Hollywood pass up all the presidents from the 1930s, 1940s or 1950s?

The truth is Obama is the best president America has ever seen because of his pure heart and true concern for each individual American person, even the ones who hate him with a cruel hatred.  Obama’s presence in the White House has redeemed America from its oppressive and dictatorial reputation around the world with his gracious diplomacy and excellent control over his emotions. Obama exemplifies what it means to be a true leader and instrument of change. He reminds me of Moses because of how he stealthily came from humble beginnings along with his racially diverse background. He steadily climbed through he ranks of exceptional educational institutions all the while making a positive difference where he could. Moses wasn’t supposed to survive the mass killings of first born sons of the inferior race as instructed by the fearful Pharaoh while Obama survived the inner city of Chicago. Moses was saved by his mom’s willingness to turn her son’s fate over to Almighty God and allow HIM to protect and provide for her precious offspring.

President Obama’s recent message addressing the graduating class at Morehouse has been more of a testament to the fact that he is a leader sent here to lead his people. Some folks’ response to his speech is more a testament more than ever that we are indeed the descendants of the Hebrew-Israelites in the Bible. When Moses led the people, he went to The Most High God for inspiration. God told him what to tell the people to inspire them to follow him out of captivity. And yes, some of the people felt it was best to stay under the rule of the Pharaoh because of the fear of the unknown. Barack Obama addressed those feelings in his speech as “excuses”. It is clear that somehow people of color in 2013 expect to get somewhere by just sitting back and complaining about the conditions but will not stand up and follow orders to relieve themselves from their own oppressive thoughts of self- defeat, self-denial and self-sabotage. The Pharaoh changed his mind after speaking to Moses but that was not an excuse to not go before him again. Obama puts forth his ideas to Congress for the purpose of delivering the people from the oppression of American systems and he is rejected. But like Moses, he goes back and stands again and again. Obama, like Moses, stood atop a mountain by praying for guidance from the Most High then went before kings, presenting his righteous stance on the injustice of oppression, eventually leading his people to the promise land. It took blind trust and faith for the people to follow Moses but they followed. Why? Because they had no plan of their own. They got fed up with all their ideas being too small to solve the problems and deliver them from the situation. No one else was brave enough to stand up to what Moses (and Obama) had. The people of color in 2013 want all the pay off with no self- sacrifice. We must be willing to support and follow Obama to make it as a people. We want to stay on the banks of safety and have someone else pave the way before “taking a risk”. Obama was telling our youth that taking a risk is all about going out on a limb. Going out on a limb is where the fruit is. Success will never be obtained going to do hard physical labor, hauling big blocks on your back everyday and complaining about the conditions. If you are not brave enough to step to the Pharaoh, why do you have such frustration about what he is doing to you?

Moses presented a list of rules or The Ten Commandments for the people to abide by so they could QUALIFY for the blessings they beseeched from the Most High God. Neither God nor Moses asked the people what they thought needed to be done in order to deliver them to the promise land. When we learn to follow (the first and only man of color in history who has made it to this position in America) will we understand what we can do on our own level to reach our own goals. The Israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness and we have only spent 4. Obama has 4 more years to bring us the light he was intended to shed. We must be patient and diligent in our own everyday lives to get to where we want to go as an individual, a family, and a people. We must make realistic goals and be realistic about how to reach them. Obama says OVERCOME (racism) and ACHIEVE (whatever you want) instead of SUCCUMB (to racism) and GRIEVE (over your own wasted, uninspired life).


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