Retired Stripper Starts New Employment as Educator

After working in the private “educational child care facility” for only two weeks, I am tired. The compensation is laughable and the duties are never ending. I am a teacher in a private school for young toddlers and the administration put on such a good front when the parents come to tour. They are not shy about telling them how much the school costs but neglect to tell them how much the teacher is getting. I remember asking a worker how much she was getting paid when i went to tour a school when my son was about 1. Of course I was dancing at the time and thought about money in terms of per diem.

She told me she made $8/hr and I was horrified. I quickly swept my son into my arms, thanked the director for her time and left. I understood that she was being under paid but I wasn’t sure she understood that. She looked about 20 years old and I thought it was pretty young to be a teacher and responsible for a class full of tiny children running around.

From that point on I took my son home and he had school with me. From that point on, he has learned math, reading and writing at home with me. But now that I work in this facility, he comes with me (for half price, not for free) to graduate kindergarten.

So basically, I went from paying to work (in a club) to working to pay for my child’s education. I get about $500/mo on my check which is a long way from what I am used to getting to say the least… My rent is $695 not including my utilities. We will see how this will work.


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