Does False Rape Accusations Equal Defamation Lawsuit?

There is zero responsibility taken by females who have wrongfully accused men of raping them. Why is that? Has not been a crime committed by the female? Rape is not right. No woman deserves it just as no man deserves to be wrongfully accused of rape after having consensual sex.
The football player who was recently exonerated has sparked my interest yet again. I have always dated guys at least 4 years older than me. I have always wondered about the guys I dated as a teenager being charged with statutory rape just for being interested in me. I never lied about my age and never tried to trick any grown man into believing anything false about me. The guilt would be unbearable and I felt karma would do a number on me.

I am thinking about this again as the young men at Morehouse College are accused of the very serious crime of rape by a female who was drinking underage and doesn’t really remember what exactly happened. I am very uncomfortable with her being able to point her finger at someone, the college campus police then taking those statements to the accused, arrest him and hold him for weeks before he makes bail. One of the young men have withdrawn from college as a senior, devastated by these false accusations and shaken to his core. This female knows that something sexual happened but that is what happens when you become drunk around strangers. I am not excusing any inappropriate behavior from any male in the company of drunken females but in the day in age where rappers “brag” about dropping Molly in drinks and having wild sexual escapades, girls need to be more responsible for their own safety to prevent themselves from being in this young lady’s position.

The lawyer of one of the young men said he would take the high road and not trash the victim to defend his client. But he is sure that after the results of the rape kit comes back, his client will be cleared. So my question is, once he is cleared (if he is cleared) what recompense can he pursue from his accuser? This whole ordeal has definitely muddied his name and tainted his image. Can he sue this girl for defamation? If not, WHY THE HELL NOT?


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