Essential Questions to ask on your Childcare Facility Tour

Pose the Right Questions

After working in a child care facility for a few months, I see there are many questions parents don’t know to ask while on a tour. Whether you are signing you child up for preschool or after-school care, there are specific questions parents should ask to get a good idea of how the facility is being run. 

The link above gives a great example of the questions that go unanswered until it is too late. This parent assumed the childcare facility had liability insurance but it didn’t. According to Georgia’s Bright from the Start rules, it is not required but there must be a notice in public view to alert parents. Make sure you ask the director directly if the center is covered by liability insurance. 

Ask about feeding and snack times, rest times, medicine administering policies. Ask if you can bring your child can bring his or her own meals if you have any picky eaters. Don’t rely on a menu calendar to tell you what food will be served. Food menus change daily. Ask when does the child care facility determine when it is appropriate for the child to move to the next class up. Ask about age appropriateness of the toys and activities in each classroom.

How often do they serve raw fruits and vegetables?
is your child allowed to bring his or her own food?
If your child becomes tired, will they be able to rest?
How often is water given to the child out the day? (Especially during the summer)
How much are the teachers being paid?
Ask to speak with the teacher alone.
Ask the teacher if she feels that she feels she getting properly compensated for her job.

It is amazing that different facilities cost different prices but the pay doesn’t vary much in what is being paid to the teachers. It is up to the parents to challenge the centers on what they pay the people who actually interact with their children all day.

It is also important to know what is in the curriculum. Ask to see what the curriculum for the year will cover.
I will add more to the list soon.


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