What can society gain by accepting pedophilia as they have homosexuality?

Many people feel they are born with their sexual orientation and preferences. This is the very popular argument for supporting the Gay Rights Movement. Some people who do not agree with the lifestyle worry about future generations and how putting homosexuality in children’s company will affect him. Some homosexuals describe occurrences which occurred in the their childhood as a reason why they have different sexual preferences, i.e. molestation, inappropriate touching by adults.

This argument makes me wonder why people can’t see how homosexuality is linked to pedophilia. Years ago, homosexuality was not spoken about by the mainstream media, not to say that it did not exist, but it was kept quiet and pushed into the dark and kept quiet. Gay people kept their sex lives secret (as all sexual activities and fetishes should be). After reading an article about pedophiles writing their struggle in the diary of the homosexual, I learned some pedophiles feel that they are the key to helping keep juveniles from becoming delinquent criminals. Instead of taking these troubled youngsters to jail, they suggest men should take boys to bed. Pedophiles, like the gays, want to be accepted, loved and supported in nurturing relationships. By bedding someone with the same sex or in the pedophiles case, someone younger, they feel they can achieve the successful relationship they weren’t able to achieve in the conventional sense. Pedophiles said in the article that by entering into a relationship with a boy child, they could help society and soften [with “love”] instead of harden (no pun intended) the increasingly violent male youth. They even go so far as to ask the youngster’s family to embrace them and not look at them as the enemy but as a partner in the child’s life. People have slowly accepted homosexuality into their homes via media or when they have to explain to their children why two grown men are hugging and kissing in the park. It seems no one wonders (or cares) what children will get from this.

A close family member works in a middle school where she says girls dress like boys and feel they need to “fight for their right” to PDA (public displays of affection) with their 11 to 15-year-old girlfriends. These children think they understand their sexual identity during an age where it is illegal for them to have sex at all. The decision had not stopped the pharmaceutical companies’ newest drug from being marketed toward adolescent females. The over-the-counter morning-after pill was a big controversy along with the HPV shot. The morning-after pill was offered to 17-year-old females but then the age was lowered to 15. Why? We don’t want to think about 15-year-old kids as sexually active but it is clear here. The pharmaceutical companies obviously did enough research to understand they were leaving out a key demographic. Clearly, 15-year-old girls are having sex enough to need the morning after pill. The question is: Who are these 15-year-old females sexually active with? And if they are sexually active, are they themselves criminal or just the males involved? What if the 15-year-old female is sexual with another older female? Is the older party a gay child molester or statutory rapist? In Georgia, statutory rape occurs when someone has sex with someone under the age of 16, the median age of legal consent for the country. (Age of consent nation-wide range from 14-18 years of age.) Statutory rape is punishable by one to 20 years in prison but (1) 10 to 20 years of the offender is age 21 or older. (2) up to one year in prison if the victims are 14-15 and if the offender is is no more than 3 years older. So the question is: “What if you find yourself in love with someone younger than you? If you are over the age of consent, it doesn’t matter. Age is only a number at that point.

I wrote a paper for English class in 1995 regarding statutory rape laws. I felt that if a girl lied about her age and it resulted in a statutory rape conviction for the male, she should also suffer a consequence. I’m not sure exactly what the punishment should be but it just doesn’t seem fair for females to get away with something that the male would be branded with for the rest of his life by having his record bruised with the words rape or molester.

Accepting one sexual preference will eventually welcome them all.

To go back to the original point, it has been suggested that if the youth had more  father-figures in their lives, they would refrain from certain negative behaviors. It has been suggested that if men would “give back” to the communities by “donating time” with the youth, society would be better off. In all our cries for men to mentor boys they have no relation, are we not also possibly blindly welcoming pedophilia? We are asking strangers to meet with, love and show concern for abandoned boys without thinking about the men who are drawn to do these things with other motives. Not to say that all male mentors are gay or pedophiles like no one can say all black males are killers or all white people feel superior to blacks. I’m just saying beggars (of male mentors) can’t necessarily be choosers (of that male’s actions once he volunteers his time). People don’t want to be labeled homophobic or intolerant to the extent the gay lifestyle and a new way of life. When will it stop? Where is the line of danger? If gays are accepted, we must be on our way to accepting pedophilia as a way of life as well. Pedophiles feel they are born liking what they like. They also feel they can help with our violent male youth. With the growing acts of violence, how soon will we be willing to abandon our own methods of dealing with this issue and give them a chance to “help” us “love” our youth enough where they won’t feel the urge to unnecessarily steal, kill, rape and rob us or each other?

If accepting homosexuality has helped us in our attempts to become more creative pertaining to our style and music; why wouldn’t we start to see our need for active males in younger males’ lives as a reason to turn a blind eye to pedophilia? If accepting homosexuality as being equal to love between a man and a woman, how long will it be before we accept love between two different age groups or generations? I’m not passing judgment here, just following a path of logic. If one is good  (but once was bad), what other good (now thought of as bad) things are we overlooking and will eventually ultimately accept? The pedophiles pose a great argument for how they can help society with our violent youth. If we can’t solve  this issue, how long will it be before we accept pedophilia as a minor side effect of assistance from a once sworn enemy of children?

Please reference: Pedophiles argue their Case in the Journal of Homosexuality http://www.narth.com/docs/arguecase.html
Statutory Rape Laws State by State http://www.cga.ct.gov/2003/olrdata/jud/rpt/2003-r-0376.htm


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