White Supremacy or Low Black Self-Esteem?

After listening to people talk about black problems again and many different remedies were offered yet again. I had people suggest black folks keep all the money in the community and work together to pool money. There are many black businesses around but after listening to the complaints, I began to identify what one of the biggest issues on the “black agenda”. White supremacy has been blamed for the plight of black folks in America. Without any white people calling in to oppress any black folks but white folks were the focus of the plight of black folks in 2013.

The inferiority complex black folks have is more of an issue than a race suppressing another. The fact that many people of color have taken great steps an better themselves have created a rift between those who have and those who haven’t. There have been quite a few things left out of our history so we can see the value in ourselves. In the information age, can we really blame the schools for not having African American studies as the reason we know nothing about our history? We can go and look it up just like we look up gossip on celebrities or info on how to apply eyeshadow.

We have many things to be proud of and we don’t have to hate anyone in order to love ourselves. The key is to build up oneself to achieve instead of focusing on the negative and bereave.


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