At Least I was There… Letter from a Black Father (No.1)

I know you didn’t get all the toys you wanted growing up as a kid

As all the other kids in your class did,

 But at least I was there. 

Not everyday but sometimes, when I left early from my 9-5, and when you were on spring break and the summertime.

There are some kids who never see,

The man from they came as a seed,

In a way, you are lucky to know my name, to see the man from whom you came,

So you don’t have to live in shame ( and so you can shout out to your daddy when you get fortune and fame).

Every time we share time together we may not  do what you want but at least I was there.          I tried to show you that I care although the times we spent were rare. At least I was there.

I didn’t come to discuss the affair (which led to the end of the family)…that wasn’t fair. 

I expect you to respect me  even if you feel abandoned, excluded, banished, neglected and rejected on a daily basis,

You can not say I wasn’t there.

Ask some of your friends to see if I’m fibbing,

Some of your friends’dads don’t know how they are doing or if they are living.

You seem me about five times a year, you’re lucky kid



that is five times more than I did…
I’m probably wasn’t the first
To suffer this fatherless curse
Now, I’m trying to reverse
This thing
Before it gets worse.


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