I used to love Obama…Now not so much

As much as it pains me to say these things about a man a once held in high esteem, I have a personal policy to allow the truth of the matter to prevail over my preconceived notions of misinformation.

I have been blown away with the positive images of Obama as a family and taken away by his ability to articulate his points with poise and power. He has made me proud by holding his head high when being mocked or embarrassed on or off camera. I have stood with Obama as he made strides for many different communities and causes, encouraging people to continue to support him as he finishes his term.

This past week there was a victory for gay rights in America as they gained their rights to marriage. Obama went to visit Africa and told the leaders of those nations to follow his lead. Many Africans called for Obama’s arrest for using the unmanned drones to kill innocent ¬†people which made me think. When addressing Africa, the world’s most resource-rich and people poor continent, he thinks that introducing the gay lifestyle is a remedy for their people. Knowing that people are starving and dying here, Obama has totally ignored any remedies to help their people (or the black American people). I have never been more disappointed in any politician in my 31 years. Bush was disappointing but at the end of the day, he was a dumb, hick with the hook up. You really couldn’t expect anything different from him.

Obama has allowed me to see the government as a system of rules that are orchestrated to take advantage of certain (especially black and brown folks) and ignore their needs. I understand that Obama is simply a pawn being used to further the agenda of a system that has never intended to make it’s dark citizens equal to those with less hue. It is clear that there has been no real steps forward toward equality or stability for the black community but only steps to create illusions of progress.

The right to vote, access to equal education and employment has all taken steps backward lately. Equality in how black folks are treated by the justice system has not improved under anyone even though we have “enjoyed” other victories. Even the college professor who was charged with educating the future on a daily basis was suspected of being am intruder when attempting to enter his own home. Travon Martin stood his ground and challenged a light colored man about following him and ended up dead but instead of rightfully calling the trial of his killer the Zimmerman Trial, some people call it the Travon Martin trial. This boy died but he is still on trial because society is used to seeing a black person on trial.

Obama came to Atlanta to speak to the graduating class of Morehouse College and encouraged the men to fight past prejudice and encouraged the black men to reach back and bring other’s up with them. But has he done the same? He has put forth programs to help the poor or has he? All I can do is shake my head at the blind followers who support Obama just because he is a brown person. He is being used to keep black folks suppressed and members of the poor and working class. I hope Obama will eventually stop operating under white supremacy and black inferiority brainwashing. I hope Obama will wake up and buck on the system he is feeding his name and family to a country who will turn on him as soon as they are through using him to take every basic human rights of Americans.


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