Hidden Colors: An Important Documentary for All

After seeing this extraordinary documentary yesterday, I have been changed forever.

Hidden Colors is a documentary informing, the public of the true identity of people of color. It is disturbing to know so many facts have been intentionally hidden in order to perpetuate lies. In the information age, many things in the documentary can be verified and elaborated on. I am almost ashamed to admit how much I didn’t know about the history of the world. I can remember learning about Constatinople, Rome and Greece.

I can remember looking at a world map during Ancient World History in 10 the grade and wondering what was happening in South America, Africa and Australia during the Roman times. It seemed curious to me that we focused on one section oif the world and only discussed other continents as it related to the oceans, the tectonic plates or Pangea. Now that I have seen Hidden Colors, I understand that there is a peculiar obsession to withhold the truth regarding the true identities of significant people such as Beethoven and Abraham Lincoln.Did you know the big clock named Big Ben ied after Benjamin Banneker? Do you know who Mansa Musa is? Do you know why there is a science called Egyptology and not a science named after any other country in the world?

I encourage everyone to watch Hidden Colors, a documentary revealing many important facts and providing clarity on world history and identity of unknown important people.


hidden colora


2 thoughts on “Hidden Colors: An Important Documentary for All

  1. I remember seeing the premiere of this in a theatre here in Atlanta a while ago. It was very good. I do encourage everyone to look further at the topics discussed in the movie. It is just an introduction into the truth of our history, purpose and power.

    • It literally made me question everything I had learned in school. I also learned what the true Statue of Liberty looked like on my quest for more knowledge…

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