Scriptures for Strippers 1


Every good (perfect) gift comes from above; it comes down from the Father. James 1:17

In the place of employment, the strip club, we must identify and understand what money is meant for us and which is not. There will be temptations but it is essential to know God doesn’t tempt us.

Let no one say when he/she is tempted I am tempted of God; for God is incapable of being tempted by evil and He Himself tempts no one. But every person is tempted when he is drawn away, enticed and baited by his/her own evil desire (lust, passion, love of money etc.) James 1:13-14

When a customer attempts to entice us to do things we wouldn’t normally do with promises of money or other materials, we must ask ourselves who sent this customer? Would God send someone into the club to convince or provoke you to do wrong? God does send blessings into the club but we must be able to identify our own weaknesses to ensure we aren’t being taken advantage of. It is a challenge to walk away from money unless we know how God works. Tricks come to the club to trick the saints. You may entertain but you will not be degraded, corrupted, lowered, disgraced, humiliated or shamed if you stand on the word and have strength to walk away from some customers who come to make you turn on yourself for a small gain. When you know what money to leave on the table, you will always have a clear conscious and be deserving of the blessing God has in store for you. Even if you have to dance 30 songs in a row doesn’t mean you passed up easy money. It means that you have an opportunity to earn what you make. You should take pride in and feel good about earning your money and not taking hand outs for selling yourself short. Letting guys touch you when you don’t like it or doing anything that makes you feel degraded is not of God.

Remember: Get prayed up before you can get paid up!

Peace and Blessings,



2 thoughts on “Scriptures for Strippers 1

  1. “Would God send someone into the club to convince or provoke you to do wrong?” “Tricks come to the club to trick the saints.” I don’t think that God has anything to do with anyone dancing in the strip club in the first place.

    • Dear Brenda,

      I can tell you that when I was about 9 or 10 I prayed to God to allow me to become an adult dancer. Of course, I didn’t know exactly what that was but God definitely answered my prayers. I prepared by learning how to dance well and He did send blessings into the club to help sustain myself and my family. He sends “rams in the bushes” for all his “saints”. I am glad you stopped by to learn about encouragement of entertainers. It is essential for people like you to understand that God loves and provides for us ALL. Yes, HE IS EVERYWHERE!

      It amazes me how some people feel like God only does what they (with their puny human mind) think He should do! God sends angels to speak the good news to places you would never go, Brenda. That’s what makes Him so awesome! When I made the comment about tricks, it could also pertain to people who work in an office or other work environments where people are tempted to seek their souls for a position or more money. Dumping raw sewage in a residential area, swindling people out of insurance payments or even padding the bill as a quack doctor are examples. People have to choose the right thing regardless of what job they do.

      And quiet as it’s kept, there is a right and wrong way to do everything. There is a right way to do this taboo job of stripping. If you are afraid, put an app on your husband’s phone and follow him around to make sure he never goes into a strip club (if you indeed have a husband, that is). Better yet, go with him but don’t forget to read the Straight Girl’s Guide to Visiting the Strip Club… That is if you are indeed straight… You know what!? Read it anyway. And if you see a ratchet dancer, pull up my blog on your phone and let her read some of my postings if you want to be helpful. Thanks! 🙂

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