Straight Girl’s Guide to Visiting the Strip Club TIP 1: Do Not Dance When Your Song Comes On!


October 16, 2013

The adult entertainment industry has become a major part of mainstream American pop culture in recent years, making strippers as American as apple pie. Pole dancing classes are booming thanks to the DROVES of women who want to learn the sexy moves of the stripper while getting a really good work out in. This craze has led some heterosexual women to invade the once only boys club the STRIP CLUB!

As girlie girls in a foreign environment I want to equip you with the proper strip club etiquette if you choose to visit this very masculine terrain. You might be asking yourself why I mentioned “etiquette” and “strip club” in the same sentence. Well because there’s strip club etiquette. There’s all kinds of rules of engagement as it relates to good behavior in the strip club.

Each HUMP DAY I will choose one topic to focus on and prepare any pretty girl who wishes to visit the strip club with the proper strip club etiquette.

Straight Girl Visiting the Strip Club TIP #1:


Men don’t come to strip clubs to see women who are not dancers. I have heard women chat among themselves about going to the strip club to meet a man. Ladies this is not a good idea!

The strip club is a boys club where boys can be boys. Some women come into that environment thinking that men are open and ready to mingle. Ladies save yourself some heartache and some time. Men are only interested in the women who are performing.

Now this goes into my next piece of advice,

If you are not a dancer please don’t dance; furthermore if you don’t work at the strip club please don’t dance. If your song comes on just groove in your chair. This is not your chance to become discovered or to become a star.

Trust me you don’t want any unnecessary attention. I warn women that this is not an ideal situation to meet a man or become discovered. I repeat: DO NOT DANCE WHEN YOUR SONG COMES ON!

If you’d like to get some real attention, talk to the manager about possible employment and become legit. Or inquire about amateur night. There is nothing more pathetic than a wanna-be stripper, impersonating a stripper, inside a strip club. Please don’t be that pretty girl!

Sayuri came up with this fun hump day series: The Straight Girl’s Guide to Visiting the Strip Club.

She was unsure of our reception to this discussion but I think she is hilarious and informative at the same time. We talk about all kinds of things and girls going to the strip club is one thing that is very popular these days. Each week she will delve a little deeper into the straight girl visiting the strip club tips.


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