The Nose Cozy: Innovations That Save Lives


My mother suffers from sleep apnea. She has to wear an apparatus that helps her breathe as she sleeps every night. There is a mask that coves her nose and mouth to push air into her air way. It’s called a CPap machine. This machine pumps air to to the mask and keeps her from snoring. After a month or so, she had developed an abrasion that irritated the top of her nose.

We tried a number of things hat disappointed and caused even more pain. She decided she needed to stop using the machine for a while, at least until her nose healed. I understood her frustration but was afraid she for her to fall asleep without the machine that ensured she kept breathing throughout the night. I scoured the Internet looking for a remedy to end the pain and keep her using her machine as she should.

Then I found the Nose Cozy!

This is a brand new product that allows people who are suffering from pain from their mask to enjoy instant relief. It is super simple to use, too!

“By placing the soft, cotton pillow on the bridge of the nose and placing the mask on top, my mother could use her cpap machine comfortably!”

The Nose Cozy has brought the cpap machine back into her nightly routine and made me a happy girl! Now I can sleep well knowing my mom is too. I am grateful to Nose Cozy for helping my mom reunite with the machine that helps her breathe easy at night.

If you or someone you know are suffering from the same issue, visit for more information.



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