Strip club tip 2: Bring Money and Spend it

Do bring enough money to have fun and take part in the festivities. Money makes the world go ’round and it makes the strip club fun! This place is not for just watching everyone else. When was the last time you took your kids to Chuck E. Cheese just to watch everyone else play the games, eat pizza and have fun? In this environment, it is considered stealing to watch someone without paying them. You are stealing from the paying patron and the performer.

It is courteous to tip the stage… especially if you are enjoying the show and came for the purpose of “learning a few moves” yourself. The rule of thumb is if it makes you want to clap, tip instead.(Clapping is NOT an acceptable method of payment. This is not Cirque Du Soleil). What bill can you pay with a round of applause or a plethora of compliments, anyway? These girls have bills to pay and they are entertaining you. If you ask a dancer to show you how to do a move, tip her! You have already bypassed expensive private lessons, so pay up!

Don’t go to the DJ booth to make requests without money. That is a good way to become the butt of many jokes over the microphone. Everything costs money… Tip the waitresses, too! Don’t make her want to get her tip off your plate. Like many other clubs, there is a two drink minimum. Don’t order one drink, sip it the whole two or three hours you spend in there, watching everyone else get dances. Don’t place one 10-piece wing order for a table of 5 asking for 3 different flavors.

Do plan ahead and bring enough money to take part in the festivities! Bring a minimum of $250/person. May seem like a lot but yes! That should cover drinks, food, tips, and dances. Save up. Dress up. (Leave the attitudes at home). Come out. Pay up! Have fun!


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