Questionnaire for my Ancestors

What is it that you wanted to do but weren’t allowed to?
What can I do to honor and represent you?
How should I position my spirit when I move towards a thing I dream to achieve to soothe
financial emotional and physical heartache?
To prove that you held your piece for a good sake.
I wish to reflect your biggest wish, dream and hope.
Your genes will instruct me as I navigate the slippery slope
of womanhood and motherhood
Without being addicted to liquor or dope.
Just tell me how to cope.

How can I be the best help meet?
To keep my hands busy and the best and most effective, efficient, productive way to move my feet.
Encourage and build two important men in my life.
To be helpful and happy avoiding negativity and strife?
Let me inhale the righteous ways of your best ideas.
Guide me on how to best live.
Show me my path through the wilderness.
I want to focus on my blessings and not stress.
So please tell me
what was your biggest wish?
(Other than to be free… Besides you have that through me.)
What can I do to bless and honor your sacrifice, to bring you back to life?
I accept all your advice so I can live right.
Moving forward to the paradise
you have you imagined in your dreams
to be an honorable man or woman,
respected and redeemed.
I make a vow,
right here and now
to make you so proud,
you come down from the clouds
to embrace, engulf and surround,
effect and defend the seeds of your loins.
I will keep this vow until our spirits are joined.

Word Life


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