Spiritual Pedophilia


Although reading self-help books and hard work can all be attributed to one’s success, many others may look outside themselves for motivation and support through mentorship. Mentorship is great because there is a person who can help guide decisions based on experience. Protegés can benefit from trial and errors of the mentor and the mentor benefits from giving back and helping the next generation.

Mentorship is a relationship where a person motivates and supports the growth in another less experienced or knowledgable person. Some people in mentorship positions take advantage of the person they are supposed to be inspiring. There are people who deem themselves gurus and attract attention, respect and sometimes reverence from others. These people love to be the source of information. They seem to have a wealth knowledge and love to hear themselves talk. When they ask someone’s opinion it is only to figure out weakness and “correct” them. Both people can grow from a mentorship unless the more experienced of the two keeps the other from growing, interferes with reaching goals or impose feelings of guilt by manipulation. Any of these situations are red flags signaling that someone may be a spiritual pedophile.

One of the best examples of spiritual pedophiles are those featured on the popular show called “American Greed”. People innocently look for a place to invest their money only toto be taken advantage of by a more financially-savvy slick character who has successfully  presented themselves to be working in their favor. The clinical term for Spiritual Pedophiles is Sociopath.
Only surrounding oneself with people who are less knowledgable about certain things is not the only red flag. People who constantly bring up embarrassing facts that create guilt or decrease self-esteem in order to gain compliance is another.

People want to respect their elders but not to their own detriment. Being older or more experienced may be the reasons they want you around. Usually if a person who is being mentored begins to speak out, disagreeing with what the elder says, it may not be well-received. Spiritual pedophiles seek to clone themselves and create an army of people who mirror their own mentalities. They enjoy telling others who they are instead of asking questions to help in any conflict or situation.Spiritual pedophiles enjoy molding, shaping and controlling others by means of conditional giving, support or love. They may make you feel like if they disapprove if your decisions, the relationship is at risk. They very seldom introduce new or innovative information because they themselves have stopped taking in any new info to consider. They usually have their own doctrines or philosophies they aim to cram into another. Spiritual pedophilia has nothing to do with sexuality. It has everything to do with taking advantage and thriving off the innocence of the unsuspecting, vulnerable and blindly eager.

The key to avoiding becoming the victim of a spiritual pedophile, you must have a positive self-image that isn’t determined by outside validation. Once you know who you are, what you stand for and/or where you’re going no one will have authority to manipulate you and make you feel like your destiny is dependent upon their approval or disapproval. Good mentors help the “mentee” by giving them information, encouragement and a safe place to rebound. There is no negative pressure, bullying or fear involved. A healthy mentorship will guide you to your goal of a better you, not a younger version of your mentor.



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