Book Review: From the Block To the Boardroom


After reading “From The Block to The Boardroom”, I am rejuvenated and refreshed. Mr. Tracey D. Syphax tells his life story in beautiful simplicity. From the tragic childhood to his troubled teenaged years, he patiently lays out the events, describing how he became a local legend on the streets of Trenton, New Jersey. Although he became a drug-addicted master street hustler and a member of the penal system, he eventually parlayed all the knowledge he learned on the block into valuable knowledge because they were the basic components he had unknowingly acquired to one day become a savvy, successful business man.

His devoted wife, Margaret, was one of the most inspiring parts of his story. Her tough love and forgiveness allowed Tracey to see the errors of his ways and enjoy a chance for redemption once he decided to change his life for the better… And never look back.

With the full support of his wife and two children, Tracey D. Syphax is the proud owner of two very successful corporations, The Syphax Groups LLC and Capitol City Contracting. He is a founding member of the Metropolitan Trenton African American Chamber of Commerce (MTAACC) and Minding Our Business (MOB). These organizations support the community by teaching about how to start and operate businesses. MOB’s focus is teaching entrepreneurship to 6th and 7th grade students in Trenton, NJ public schools.

Reading “From The Block To The Boardroom” was inspirational, motivational and will leave you asking yourself: “How can I implement ‘The Blueprint’? How far can I go?” And if Tracey’s story is any indication of the answer, the conclusion is: “The sky is the limit!”

Sayuri Smith


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