God Loves the Strippers Too

I’ve always loved dancing and when I began my endeavor as an exotic dancer, I was in heaven. The combination of dancing and mega bucks was indescribable. I was living my dream…until reality set in.

All the strippers I’ve ever seen on talk shows ALWAYS glamorized and glorified life as an exotic dancer. It was glamorous at first but the toll it took on the mind of a young girl who had no vices was devastating. Growing up with a strong relationship with God helped me stay grounded but didn’t protect me from the lifestyle as a stripper. I imposed rules for living on myself to keep me from becoming a statistic but my mental state was deteriorating as I experienced the strip club as a work environment.

As I watched new girls come into the game, I saw how they would gravitate toward anyone who was willing to offer guidance, even if it was all wrong. New girls were turned out in no time, resorting to alcohol, drugs and sex as norms of their newfound employment. They didn’t come into the shake dance game with an enthusiasm or love for dance but they did come with the love of money. The love of money is the root of all evil says the Bible. This is true.

Scriptures for Strippers is a compilation of scriptures I used to encourage myself through my employment at the strip club as a stripper. I understand why mothers and fathers weep and worry about their dancing daughters. Young or naïve females who enter this game should no there is no instructional guide. The club she works in or may not have an orientation. Even if it does, no club ever holds a newbie’s hand and makes sure she gets paid. The club makes sure she knows all the fees and makes sure she understands they will get their money. The clubs are in business for themselves and the girls are in charge of making their money.

Scriptures for Strippers is an instructional and inspirational guide on nurturing her spirit, keeping her mind and successfully navigating (and surviving) the strip club as an adult entertainer. This devotional reminds dancers that she “Gotta Get Prayed Up Before She Gets Paid Up.”

Scriptures for Strippers coming soon!


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