The Music Makes Fashion Spring Event 2014




On April 5, 2014, there was an event featuring up-and-coming models, fashion designers and music artists called Music Makes Fashion, Spring Event.

The GME Bar located in Atlanta, GA near the campuses of Clark Atlanta, Spelman and Morehouse. The fashion was flirty and fun, worn by fabulous and fresh-faced models.

The artists who performed were energetic and brought another level of entertainment to the production. These groups included Rahn B and Polo featuring their new song, “Whole Thang.”





The vendors varied from cell phone accessories to clever t-shirts. Check out for intelligent shirts. Special thanks to Keenan for supporting Scriptures for Strippers, the first and only devotional to dancers.


The 2nd Annual Ultimate Girl Festival Atlanta 2014

Hosted by DeShai Cole, author of “30 Ways to Please Your Man” and host of the Deshai Cole Show, The Ultimate Girl Festival was informative, inspiring. It took place in the elegant Marriott Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

The panel discussions “So You Want to Be a Boss” and “What Do Men Really Think?” were driven by questions from the audience from the very beginning which made everything said by the panelists relevant and informative.

Panel guests featured an all female cast of business owners and hustlers including Shekinah Jo, Gocha, Brittni Mealy, Shaunell Robinson and Kandace Marie.

The questions centered around how to deal with others’ opinion of their choice to go into business. The most resounding advice given from the panel was to keep a strong faith in God and allow Him to lead.

Shekinah Jo reminded the audience to not worry about hater because God would make them your footstool.

The other questions inquired about how to deal with networking, finding your niche and how to finance your own business. These successful women didn’t hold back on advice from any of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

The vendors sold gorgeous and useful items from custom lingerie and make up to body shapers and jewelry.

Don’t miss next year’s Girl Festival!