Video Game-Themed Homeschool Math and Science Lessons for Summer Fun

This summer my kids and I are exploring his favorite game, Minecraft. This game can be played on a tablet, PlayStation, XBox, or PC. The purpose is for Minecrafters to build their world with different blocks made from elements containing metal, wood, rocks and jewels which turns out to be an awesome spring board for introducing different science and math concepts. Minecrafters build their world with different blocks made from elements containing metal, wood, rocks and jewels. It reminded me of playing with Legos but on a video game.

Last week, we explored the different rocks and ores featured in the game. He made a list and we looked up each one to see if it really exists on planet Earth. After we discovered which were included, we determined whether they were igneous, sedimentary or  metaphoric rocks (after defining each of the three rock categories). Another day, we went “mining” at a local park for rocks to bring home and identify. We looked up each rock on the planet Earth list to determine their score on the Mohs scale, which measures hardness.He discovered the diamond’s score was the highest as the hardest substance on Earth.

The math concepts I gathered from the creative mode was geometry and multiplication. When starting a building, the length and width of the structure uses multiplication and the different shapes that can be built with the blocks is a fun way to practice creating parallelograms. 

As a homeschooling mom, these activities were entertaining, easy to understand and  a fun, cool way to play video games with your kids and turn it into a real-life learning experience. My son did realize he was learning but he was interested in my lesson because of his exposure and love for the Minecraft game. I had fun learning how to build, mine and farm. Next time, I hope to learn to use the crafting table. This is where different tools and supplies are made.

I created a worksheet for myself for these activities. I wouldn’t mind sharing. Send a message if you are interested.  

Happy Homeschooling! 


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