Spreading 2016 Holiday Cheer to Atlanta Strip Clubs

After visiting several strip clubs over the holidays to spread  holiday cheer by bringing fee stockings stuffed with cookies, body sprays, make up and more; it is clear that some of these places are managed by God hearted people who regard the dancers as real people.  The organization I went with had clout in some places and was granted immediate access.  We didn’t stay long just dropped off the gifts to the ladies and gave the security guards, managers and deejays treats as well. I went along to promote Scriptures for Strippers, the first and only devotional for exotic dancers. 

It was quite disturbing though to encounter a club manager who wouldn’t allow us to come in. As a retired dancer, it upset me to know that these people collect money from these women everyday but wouldn’t allow them to get something that number 1: wouldn’t cost them anything or number 2:would make the ladies feel good (or cared about) during the holiday season. Many were afraid we would attempt to “preach” to the girls. This made me think of how afraid the devil is of the power of God’s Word. I remember how hard it was for me to stop dancing. There were ladies that came to visit the clubs when I worked there and no matter what they said, I wasn’t going to stop just because they said so. But as I can recall, the ladies never said anything like that to me. They just gave gifts and left… Just like we did. 

The fact that these club managers wanted to keep us away made me sad and angry because the devil’s grip is already suffocating in the dungeon like the strip club no matter how beautiful it glamorous the place looks. 

The irony is that the more glamorous a place is, the less likely we would be able to enter. 

 It is important to note that the leader of the outreach is also a former exotic dancer and knows some of the club owners. I saw some old co-workers, housemoms, deejays, and managers during this outreach where we went to 9 different strip clubs and even some massage parlors in Metro Atlanta.

I am more convinced than ever that Scriptures for Strippers is a necessity for these women.  Not because they need to stop and change their life. Not because God hates them for dancing. Not because they are living a life of sin. 

Scriptures for Strippers is important because there are women who use the strip club as a stepping stone to other things but get stuck because there are forces in the club which are designed to keep the women downtrodden, desperate, depressed and dependent ONLY on the strip club as their ONLY source is income and the ONLY way to earn a living…forever!  

Scriptures for Strippers will entertain,  encourage, uplift and help a dancer with strategies on how to survive each night with peace is mind. This journal will also help fight spiritual battle with The Word of God. After establishing, (or for some reconnecting) with God, she will be able to get the encouragement and tools she needs to meet her ultimate goals as she uses the club to get to where she is ultimately going. 

There are two different covers to the book. The one above is the bookstore or “worldly”cover and the one below is the “churchy”version. Both are available on Amazon.com. 

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