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This blog is for women all over the world who work in the adult entertainment field. I am a retired exotic dancer for Atlanta, GA and I understand how hard it is to cope with the internal plights a…

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Are Women Helping or Hindering Adult Sons?

When women become too involved in their adult son’s life, it can handicap them. Single mothers sometimes suffer from inferiority complexes, guilt and shame of being the only parent which will result in them allowing bad behavior, poor life choices and enabling weaknesses.

Boys (and girls) will eventually become adults one day but sometimes that can only occur in the absence of crippling and protective parents. When your son experiences disappointments in life, spoon feeding him and lessening his load may the most natural thing to do but it may not be the best thing to do. Coddling and comforting has its limits and can sometimes hinder and hurt when an important lesson can be learned in its absence.

When your son hurt others, break the law or participate in any illicit activity, they should expect consequences from those closest to them so the lesson is taught in love. If not, your son can run the risk of being taught that same lesson with a good old-fashion butt whipping in the streets, the police or even a bullet. Lessons in life will continue to present themselves until they are learned so the next time the situation can be avoided. Saving your son from himself will tire and stress you and when parenting should become easier and have benefits as the child grows.

I can not remember where I saw this quote but it changed my life and outlook on motherhood forever:

“A good mother prepares her children to live without her; not depend on her.”

So the next time you son calls to borrow money for a need (when all his wants are met) or wants to borrow the car (but his license are still suspended) think about whether or not your response is hindering or helping him the long run.



The Music Makes Fashion Spring Event 2014




On April 5, 2014, there was an event featuring up-and-coming models, fashion designers and music artists called Music Makes Fashion, Spring Event.

The GME Bar located in Atlanta, GA near the campuses of Clark Atlanta, Spelman and Morehouse. The fashion was flirty and fun, worn by fabulous and fresh-faced models.

The artists who performed were energetic and brought another level of entertainment to the production. These groups included Rahn B and Polo featuring their new song, “Whole Thang.”





The vendors varied from cell phone accessories to clever t-shirts. Check out http://www.inerdclothing.com for intelligent shirts. Special thanks to Keenan for supporting Scriptures for Strippers, the first and only devotional to dancers.

The 2nd Annual Ultimate Girl Festival Atlanta 2014

Hosted by DeShai Cole, author of “30 Ways to Please Your Man” and host of the Deshai Cole Show, The Ultimate Girl Festival was informative, inspiring. It took place in the elegant Marriott Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

The panel discussions “So You Want to Be a Boss” and “What Do Men Really Think?” were driven by questions from the audience from the very beginning which made everything said by the panelists relevant and informative.

Panel guests featured an all female cast of business owners and hustlers including Shekinah Jo, Gocha, Brittni Mealy, Shaunell Robinson and Kandace Marie.

The questions centered around how to deal with others’ opinion of their choice to go into business. The most resounding advice given from the panel was to keep a strong faith in God and allow Him to lead.

Shekinah Jo reminded the audience to not worry about hater because God would make them your footstool.

The other questions inquired about how to deal with networking, finding your niche and how to finance your own business. These successful women didn’t hold back on advice from any of the aspiring entrepreneurs.

The vendors sold gorgeous and useful items from custom lingerie and make up to body shapers and jewelry.

Don’t miss next year’s Girl Festival!




God Loves the Strippers Too

I’ve always loved dancing and when I began my endeavor as an exotic dancer, I was in heaven. The combination of dancing and mega bucks was indescribable. I was living my dream…until reality set in.

All the strippers I’ve ever seen on talk shows ALWAYS glamorized and glorified life as an exotic dancer. It was glamorous at first but the toll it took on the mind of a young girl who had no vices was devastating. Growing up with a strong relationship with God helped me stay grounded but didn’t protect me from the lifestyle as a stripper. I imposed rules for living on myself to keep me from becoming a statistic but my mental state was deteriorating as I experienced the strip club as a work environment.

As I watched new girls come into the game, I saw how they would gravitate toward anyone who was willing to offer guidance, even if it was all wrong. New girls were turned out in no time, resorting to alcohol, drugs and sex as norms of their newfound employment. They didn’t come into the shake dance game with an enthusiasm or love for dance but they did come with the love of money. The love of money is the root of all evil says the Bible. This is true.

Scriptures for Strippers is a compilation of scriptures I used to encourage myself through my employment at the strip club as a stripper. I understand why mothers and fathers weep and worry about their dancing daughters. Young or naïve females who enter this game should no there is no instructional guide. The club she works in or may not have an orientation. Even if it does, no club ever holds a newbie’s hand and makes sure she gets paid. The club makes sure she knows all the fees and makes sure she understands they will get their money. The clubs are in business for themselves and the girls are in charge of making their money.

Scriptures for Strippers is an instructional and inspirational guide on nurturing her spirit, keeping her mind and successfully navigating (and surviving) the strip club as an adult entertainer. This devotional reminds dancers that she “Gotta Get Prayed Up Before She Gets Paid Up.”

Scriptures for Strippers coming soon!

Book Review: From the Block To the Boardroom


After reading “From The Block to The Boardroom”, I am rejuvenated and refreshed. Mr. Tracey D. Syphax tells his life story in beautiful simplicity. From the tragic childhood to his troubled teenaged years, he patiently lays out the events, describing how he became a local legend on the streets of Trenton, New Jersey. Although he became a drug-addicted master street hustler and a member of the penal system, he eventually parlayed all the knowledge he learned on the block into valuable knowledge because they were the basic components he had unknowingly acquired to one day become a savvy, successful business man.

His devoted wife, Margaret, was one of the most inspiring parts of his story. Her tough love and forgiveness allowed Tracey to see the errors of his ways and enjoy a chance for redemption once he decided to change his life for the better… And never look back.

With the full support of his wife and two children, Tracey D. Syphax is the proud owner of two very successful corporations, The Syphax Groups LLC and Capitol City Contracting. He is a founding member of the Metropolitan Trenton African American Chamber of Commerce (MTAACC) and Minding Our Business (MOB). These organizations support the community by teaching about how to start and operate businesses. MOB’s focus is teaching entrepreneurship to 6th and 7th grade students in Trenton, NJ public schools.

Reading “From The Block To The Boardroom” was inspirational, motivational and will leave you asking yourself: “How can I implement ‘The Blueprint’? How far can I go?” And if Tracey’s story is any indication of the answer, the conclusion is: “The sky is the limit!”

Sayuri Smith

Spiritual Pedophilia


Although reading self-help books and hard work can all be attributed to one’s success, many others may look outside themselves for motivation and support through mentorship. Mentorship is great because there is a person who can help guide decisions based on experience. Protegés can benefit from trial and errors of the mentor and the mentor benefits from giving back and helping the next generation.

Mentorship is a relationship where a person motivates and supports the growth in another less experienced or knowledgable person. Some people in mentorship positions take advantage of the person they are supposed to be inspiring. There are people who deem themselves gurus and attract attention, respect and sometimes reverence from others. These people love to be the source of information. They seem to have a wealth knowledge and love to hear themselves talk. When they ask someone’s opinion it is only to figure out weakness and “correct” them. Both people can grow from a mentorship unless the more experienced of the two keeps the other from growing, interferes with reaching goals or impose feelings of guilt by manipulation. Any of these situations are red flags signaling that someone may be a spiritual pedophile.

One of the best examples of spiritual pedophiles are those featured on the popular show called “American Greed”. People innocently look for a place to invest their money only toto be taken advantage of by a more financially-savvy slick character who has successfully  presented themselves to be working in their favor. The clinical term for Spiritual Pedophiles is Sociopath.
Only surrounding oneself with people who are less knowledgable about certain things is not the only red flag. People who constantly bring up embarrassing facts that create guilt or decrease self-esteem in order to gain compliance is another.

People want to respect their elders but not to their own detriment. Being older or more experienced may be the reasons they want you around. Usually if a person who is being mentored begins to speak out, disagreeing with what the elder says, it may not be well-received. Spiritual pedophiles seek to clone themselves and create an army of people who mirror their own mentalities. They enjoy telling others who they are instead of asking questions to help in any conflict or situation.Spiritual pedophiles enjoy molding, shaping and controlling others by means of conditional giving, support or love. They may make you feel like if they disapprove if your decisions, the relationship is at risk. They very seldom introduce new or innovative information because they themselves have stopped taking in any new info to consider. They usually have their own doctrines or philosophies they aim to cram into another. Spiritual pedophilia has nothing to do with sexuality. It has everything to do with taking advantage and thriving off the innocence of the unsuspecting, vulnerable and blindly eager.

The key to avoiding becoming the victim of a spiritual pedophile, you must have a positive self-image that isn’t determined by outside validation. Once you know who you are, what you stand for and/or where you’re going no one will have authority to manipulate you and make you feel like your destiny is dependent upon their approval or disapproval. Good mentors help the “mentee” by giving them information, encouragement and a safe place to rebound. There is no negative pressure, bullying or fear involved. A healthy mentorship will guide you to your goal of a better you, not a younger version of your mentor.